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I can NOT believe it has been two years since I was able to start my dream! While there have been bumps in the road, I like calling them learning curves, for the most part, it has been smooth sailing!

This one is going to be an easy blog for you guys! I just want to talk about upcoming events and some thoughts on some even different types of events. Please let me know your thoughts on the ideas I have and whether or not you would attend them if they were in your area.

We just finished our first set of Cricut Basics classes that were IN PERSON. That was nice! Those who came were given many hands-on learning opportunities and were able to ask a lot of questions. They received all the materials they needed and takeaway crafts to try at home!

Our next event is another INDOOR event! (still too chilly for outdoor) This event is our upcoming Spring is in the Air Craft Market. It will be held on April 9th in Hamilton and there will be lots of vendors and a food truck. If you are interested check out the link on the home page.

So here are my thoughts on the upcoming ideas. Okay, so the ideas! As I was teaching my first set of classes I realized there are so many different learning levels. There are the beginner beginners, who need to understand how to connect to different wifi systems, where files go when they are downloaded, and the same with fonts. Nothing wrong with this at all. I want to have a quick class on getting to know your computer. Then the basics and then the beyond basics.

BUT as I always do, I started thinking differently and BIGGER! lol (let's remember my first outdoor market was supposed to be 20 vendors and turned out to be 42 vendors and 2 food trucks lol ) I get a vision and it will keep me awake at night until I get it figured out! So here is my thought - I want to host a craft day! So you sign up for 4 different classes for that day. The classes would be an hour long and there will be two types of classes. There will be classes that are for the person who just wants to craft. So scrapbooking, card making, stenciling on fabric, making signs, and one that is baking. You will get to just create. Then there will be classes for those who are interested in learning HOW. So a class on sublimation basics. One on how to make stickers. Maybe one on how to sew a quilt. The ideas are endless. There would be lunch provided and it would be a day that was just for the crafter in all of us, regardless of their level of skill!

So please give me your thoughts! Let me know what you would want to see and if it was offered in your area if you would be interested in it.

As always, THANK YOU!!!!! Thank you for supporting me and for just being a part of this journey!

Tonya xoxo


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