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Introduction to This Menopausal Bitch with Chronic Pain

I am currently sitting outside enjoying the amazing morning. Relaxing and drinking my coffee. Trying to quiet my mind and get up the courage to start writing again. I stopped writing months ago and actually thought that I had shut down my website. Apparently, I didn’t do that correctly and was charged the yearly fee for the website service. Can’t get the money back, so I might as well use it. So here I am, trying to quiet my brain and write. If it were only that easy. 

My writing is going to be different. I am going from writing about crafts to writing about something I think I need and hopefully, more out there need too. It won’t be a consistent thing. Articles will come out when they come out. They will be what I feel at that time. It will be more a therapy for me than anything. A therapy that I do hope will also connect with others. 

For those who are new here, let me tell you about myself in as little a way as I possibly can. 

  • I LOVE swearing. If you don’t enjoy that, I am sure there are blogs out there that will have what you are looking for without my fucking mouth. 

  • I used to be religious, then I wasn’t and felt guilty about it, then I was and then I realized everything and I mean EVERY.FUCKING.THING I was told to believe and made to feel like a complete pile of shit when I wasn’t was all a FUCKING GODDAMN lie. That there isn’t a higher entity and the MORMON church is just a made-up pack of bullshit to take your money all while making you feel like if you don’t pay them the money you will never see your family when you die. 

  • I destroyed my body while trying to be healthy and active. I used to run 22 km on the weekends and 10 each day during the week and now I can barely walk for 15 minutes and if I do one day I won’t be doing it the next. 

  • Everything I worked hard to achieve is gone. On my best days, I have amazing thoughts and ideas and on my worst day, I want to die because the pain is a fucking bitch. 

  • On the best of days, I like myself. NOT love but like and on the worst days, I will tell you that I am a fat lazy cunt so you don’t have to. 

  • Yes, I am in therapy. Have been for about 3 years and honestly don’t think I will ever stop going. 

  • Came close to ending my life 3 years ago but was too afraid to do it so I asked for help.

There that is me. Or the me I will allow you to see right now. You will see more but you will need to read my articles to know the full me. 

Did I mention how fucking amazing this morning is!


I can somewhat relate minus the whole running thing and fortunately have not felt like harming myself; however, some days I don’t want to get out of bed because of the pain.

What I will say, is that you were a really supportive co-worker. We had a lot of crazy experiences and a lot of laughs. What is the saying if you don’t laugh you will cry.

Anyway, hang in there friend. Enjoy the sunshine

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Pain is something else for sure! It truly messes with so much in our lives. You were always a great sense of relief in daily life of craziness back then for sure! Keep laughing, hopefully at others more than at ourselves lol 😎

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