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Permanent Vinyl and the Many Ways to Use It

There are so many different types of permanent vinyl and so many uses for it! There is holographic, glitter, transparent glitter, and even just plain transparent. There are matte colors and glossy colors! The types often seem endless when you have to make a decision on what to use.

Many people use permanent vinyl to make signs, decals for their cars, and who hasn't labelled EVERYTHING in their house when they first got their cutting machine? I did! The family was lucky I didn't label them with their names lol

On the weekend when I taught a Cricut class, I taught how to weed and apply vinyl. I even taught them to reverse weed. The majority of them said they hated weeding anything that was tiny and truly hated reverse weeding lol I am not a fan of reverse weeding but when I am in a pinch, it helps. I also taught them how to do a peek-a-boo wine glass.

I am attaching 2 videos that showcase uses for permanent vinyl. The one for a peek-a-boo glass does not have speaking but I will do a video this weekend hopefully on how I do them. There is another video from a great YouTuber Mr Crafty Pants. He will show you tips for layering.

Happy Crafting Y'all

Tonya xoxo


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