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Who Am I?

I am definitely not a person who will shy away from public speaking or really speaking at all. I am even a person who can whip up a good article about something. BUT ask me to talk about myself .... eeeekkkkkk I am out of here!

I think in general, people are so afraid of coming off as sounding so full of themselves or not full enough of themselves. They are so worried about what other people will think that they hate it. I used to be that way about writing speeches and then I just didn't care anymore. I think that realization and lack of fear came when I was interviewing for jobs. I took a different approach to it than I used to - I looked at it as if I was interviewing the employer to see if I even wanted the job. Took every bit of fear away from the situation. I remember when I was finished my Educational Assistant program and we had to do mock interviews. Everyone was so nervous and I just really didn't care. To me, it was just another check in the box to get my diploma and start making money to feed my kids. When the interview was done I was asked if I had any questions. I did. I asked about a program the school board hosted that I learned about while researching their website. He didn't have a clue the program even existed lol He was impressed. He asked when I would be applying for a position with the board and I told him that I wasn't. I even said that I didn't like the board's approach to hiring. (Sometimes I even surprise myself with my honesty lol) He kept insisting I apply. He even emailed me and reminded me to apply. I did and I was offered an interview and turned it down. I had made a choice that I didn't want to work for that board and I stuck with it.

So about me - well I love teaching and sharing what I know and have with other people! Hence the Educational Assistant role. Actually that was the result of my applying for a program at college when I was in my 30s to just shut someone up. They kept saying I should and I kept saying I would never get in. Well, I got in lol Before that I worked everywhere lol I was a sander in a cabinet company, an estimator at a company that bid on construction jobs and I worked in fitness as an accounts clerk. Oh, and I was a PSW for a time too.

I have an amazing husband and 5 amazing children! I am also a grandma to two amazing grandchildren - Colton and Luciana! I love my family and they are the world to me. Sometimes they are the hardest piece of my world however they are my world. (Even if as adults I could sell them very quickly so that I can have 2 seconds of peace. BUT who am I kidding, I would just buy them back for double what I sold them for lol)

I started this company for a few reasons. One, there was a need for a reseller who was in this area, who was priced so that people could afford it, and because I wanted to give back to the crafting community. I was off work with hip injuries and knew I wasn't going back. When my mother passed - the small bit of money she left I used to start The Crafter's Hub. I don't regret that decision for a minute. Even when sales are slow or I am working long days, I am so grateful for a fabulous opportunity to get to know you! I would love to give you creative crafters a store where we could all gather and learn from each other and share our knowledge. One day that might be a possibility but I don't think now is the right time.

Something you may not know about me - I hide spoons! I do really hide spoons. If I find a spoon in the house I like and is the perfect size for eating soups and cereals, I will hide it in the cupboard for ONLY me to use. lol I only eat with a certain style of knife and fork too. Oh and glasses and mugs and plates. Yep, I am a bit weird that way but that is something I don't really speak of. My kids do - they think it is hilarious.

So tell me about you. Tell me something you love. Something you don't like doing and maybe a secret that you are willing to share. I want to get to know you too!


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