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You Are Worth More Than Less

Yes you read the title correctly! One of the biggest problems crafters have once they learn how to create something is figuring out what to sell it for. Some don't want to sell items or they start out this way and then they create something that is AWESOME and a friend of a friend sees it and wants it. The next question the crafter has is - How much do I sell that for? I am here to tell you to charge what you think! Charge what you would pay for it!

I just read an article that spoke of how Prada was selling a paper clip for $185. Yep, you read that right too! $185! Let that sink in. Okay, so the material used may have been an amazing metal or maybe it was just a run of the mill metal that someone found and said put the name Prada on it and we can get a HUGE return. It may have been an average piece of metal BUT the person who had to create that paper clip had to have the talent to make it look different, better than your average paper clip. They had to have some sort of training. Even if that training was simply watching you tube videos on how to get the best shine to the paper clip or the best and strongest bend to the paper clip. Regardless they put that time in to learn something about that paper clip.

How many hours do we put into first taking the machine we use whether it is a cricut, silhouette, scroll saw or any tool that you are going to use - out of the box? For me it took me about 2 weeks! I got my Cricut for Christmas about 4 years ago I think and it arrived about 2 weeks BEFORE Christmas and that was pure TORTURE for me! It sat unwrapped under the tree for about a week and a half before he even wrapped it. But even after it was wrapped I knew what was it in. Then Christmas morning comes and I get to open it and I am super excited BUT yet it stays in the box. Why? Well I am the type of person that has to watch a million videos before I do something. That was what I did too. Watched videos! Lots of them. Then I played with the machine. Dropped many swears and swore I was done! Then I apologized to the machine for putting it on a time out and used it again. Each time getting better and learning new tricks and developing my talent and customer base. Hours upon hours I watched other people make mistakes and ask questions and I learned from them what to do differently next time. Does this sound like anyone else?

See here is the thing. We ALL have talent. Some people may have spent a little longer perfecting theirs and some pick up a paint brush and create a flippin' masterpiece! Ya you all know who you are! But whatever it is we do, there has been time, a lot of time spent thinking, planning, learning, creating and swearing, a lot of swearing. Time that we could have spent with our family and friends!

So when you are having to make that decision on how much to sell something you have created for, remember these things.

  • There is a piece of mdf or plywood being sold at Winners and Homesense with the phrase 'Live Love Laugh' on it for anywhere from $50 to $80.

  • Prada started somewhere - they all did- and when they did, they decided to price their items like they owned the world!

Most people know that you buy your items from the dollar store, Ikea, Michaels or from a site in China and yet they know they CANNOT nor DO NOT have the time or desire to figure out how to make the item look the way you do. THESE are the customers you want! So price yourself for you! People will come! There will always be people who go to someone who will undercut EVERYONE else! They are also the people who are willing to buy crappy items and complain that they fall apart 10 secs after they use them and want a full refund. Are those the people you want to sell to? No! You want the people who value you and value your work!

If the market is saturated with one item but it is popular, figure out how to make it but make it different. Put your own twist on it and remember there is a company out there charging $185 for a damn paper clip!

Happy Creating Guys!!!!

Love ya Tonya!


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