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So many questions run through our brains when we see things in places that we would not expect them to be or when we are asked to pay for something we feel should be free. We want to help with those questions. 

Why is a book club found on a craft site?

This is a GREAT question! There is a short answer and a long answer which will help with that. There is also a blog that will provide more details on the long answer. I know, who would have thought a long answer could be any longer? 

Short Answer (in point form)
  • I ran a craft store selling vinyl, used for Cricut and Silhouette machines.

  • Closed store but wanted to keep the blog going

  • Wanted to keep helping crafters 

  • Told to join a group but couldn't find one. Started my own

  • My craft site hosts the book club.

Long Answer (Not in point form)


Right before Covid was Covid I opened an online craft store selling vinyl to those who use a vinyl cutter. The business was doing AMAZING! People were home and needed something to do to keep themselves busy. Cricut and Silhouette to the rescue. Sales were great for about 2 years and then slowly people went back to work. Sales went down a bit but not enough to say concern was needed. People were still crafting. The other thing to note was that the year AFTER I opened my business about four other online vinyl stores of note for competition opened as well. 

Shortly after people went back to work, extracurricular activities were also back in full swing. So parents and families went from having all this free time to over-scheduling themselves when things opened up fully. (Don't get me wrong, I love that things reopened, the economy needed it badly.) The downside however was that businesses that were selling vinyl began to close. The industry also began to change the mediums it was using, going from vinyl to a new product that was more custom and on the spot. 

After three years I decided that financially it would be easier to close the store. I switched the platform the website was on to something more cost-effective for my current needs. If you want to read more about this, you can read the blog I wrote 'When Your Dreams Take a Detour.'

This brings us to this point. I decided I would use this site to write and start a podcast for those crafting to listen to, even if for the only purpose of background noise. However, I think I mainly use the site as therapy for myself. 

I was told, or rather it was strongly suggested to me, that I should join a club. I love to read, so again it was suggested that I join a book club. Couldn't find the one I wanted so I created my own.  The longer version of this is found here.


When, NOT if, The Introvert's Book Club has a lot of members and needs its own site, then I will do it. I say WHEN because I believe it will happen! I KNOW there are more people out there like myself who for the price of ONE COFFEE A MONTH would join a book club where they don't have to commit to actually going anywhere or really doing much more than reading the book, say how it is and then listen to what everyone else thought of it as well. 

Why do I need to pay to participate in the book club? 

Another great question! I hope that I have a few answers that will help you understand AND help you to want to join. 


The Introvert's Book Club is just that, it is UNIQUE!

When I was told to join a book club my response was - 'Is there one where A) I don't have to physically go to be a part of it? and B) One where I don't have to commit to in case I can't function that day. (By function I mean, having the desire to leave the house, talk to others, and pretend I like the world. I hope there is at least one person out there who understands this feeling.) There was NO such book club! If I wanted to be A PART of something, I had to physically attend or join a Zoom call to talk about it. I didn't want that. Not even a little bit. I mean the idea behind it is great, truly great. For some people. For me it was just, well it was NOT for me. (Let me just say that in our house a rule was made that if it is put on the calendar, I was to attend. I know it is a sucky rule but my husband felt bad for the people I was cancelling on all the time. I did too but come on, a month ago I THOUGHT being in a group of people was a GOOD idea.)

Someone Needs To Run It

Generating the forms, running the ads, maintaining the social media and eventually the chat rooms, compiling all the data from the forms and then putting them out into a hopefully enjoyable podcast format is a lot of work. 

I honestly think spending the price of one cup of coffee or a glass of wine or a hamburger at a fast food restaurant is not much for that service. I also think that what is offered for that price is a lot. You will get a free download every month and when the chat rooms open you will have access to that. You will have access to a book club that allows you to give as much or as little as YOU want. You get to help choose the next read. The whole podcast is member guided based on YOUR responses. I think that is worth it and I hope you will too! 

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